Interview: Curtis Mann

Published in PQ (PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly) #99.

Interview: Emily Shur

Issue 13 of Fraction Magazine included my interview with Los Angeles-based photographer Emily Shur. The issue, edited by David Bram, features photographs by Jessica Todd Harper, Emily Shur, Tom Leininger, Dalton Rooney, William Greiner, and an exhibition review of “Unmarked” by Mary Goodwin. Read the interview here.

Interview: Joni Sternbach

An interview with Joni Sternbach about the impact being a Critical Mass winner has had on her as a photographer, her audience for “Surfland,” and about her connection to water and historical photographers. Read the interview here.

Interview: Tucker Walsh

Walsh won first place in the amateur category for FotoWeekDC/Newseum’s FOTOBAMA Contest and his work was recently included in the Corcoran Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. He is definitely someone to watch. Read the interview here.

Interview: Christopher Colville

Arizona-based photographer, Christopher Colville is an up-and-coming star. Colville is redefining landscape photography and pushes the boundaries of the medium by embracing traditional and experimental processes. Through his imagery he explores the cycle of life, the passage of time, history, and our relationship to the landscape. Read the interview here.

Interview: Kate MacDonnell

MacDonnell highlights the particular while at the same time referencing the commonality in the individual and in doing so speaks to a larger shared existence. Read the interview here.

Interview: Lisa M. Robinson

An interview with Lisa M. Robinson about her Fulbright to Argentina, the reality of photographing in snow, and the new body of work selected by Andy Adams of Flak Photo for his online exhibition WINTER PICTURES. Read the interview here.

Lisa M. Robinson interview reaches China!

Interview: Elizabeth Fleming

An interview with Elizabeth Fleming about using MagCloud and Blurb to publish her own magazine and book. Read the interview here.

Interview: Lisa Kereszi, Fantasies.


Lisa Kereszi’s first monograph, Fantasies, interweaves images of the empty interiors of strip clubs with photographs of new burlesque dancers to create a narrative in between the environment of a fantasy and the expression of one. The tawdry nocturnal spaces are an emotional void, paralleling the possible emptiness of those who occupy the stages of the strip clubs, as well as those who fill the seats as patrons. According to Kereszi, the new burlesque performances have a more palpable joy than stripper routines, but Kereszi’s images of the burlesque dancers in persona still exude a certain sadness and a reality that is rough around the edges. Kereszi draws back the curtain on fantasy and reveals its details, enticing the imagination of the viewer, yet simultaneously exposing the reality of fantasy’s ephemeral nature.

To read the interview, click here. Originally published by photo-eye.

Interview: David Furchgott, President and Founder of International Arts & Artists

International Arts & Artists (IA&A), is an organization with a comprehensive range, quality and depth in its approach to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts nationally and internationally.

From its traveling exhibitions and gallery Hillyer Art Space, to its USArts International Training and Internship Program and ArtBridge, a program facilitating relationships and networking between American and Iranian artists, David Furchgott and his international and globally-minded staff have a lot going on.

To name just two projects, they organized “Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful” that was written up in the New York Times, and are touring “PostSecret,” the postcard secret sensation that has gone global.

Interview: Jayme McLellan of Civilian Art Projects

Self described as “DC’s newest gallery gnawing at the edges of contemporary aesthetic discourse,” director Jayme McLellan proves to be a visionary, successfully challenging these boundaries, and exciting people along the way. In a city composed of more politicians and government employees than contemporary artists and patrons, Civilian Art Projects is the place to be for artistic inspiration, energy, and community. Read the interview here.