The Best Books of 2010 extended

December 29th, 2010

a selection of books from the list

It was an honor to share my list of photobooks that made an impression this year for photo-eye‘s “Best Books of 2010.” For their list I intentionally wanted to highlight mostly self-published titles that had passed by my desk on their way to the Indie Photobook Library. Ten was just too limiting a number for me, and because I focused on self-published titles, I ended up omitting my favorite traditional trade publications. So here is the extended list (in no particular order) that includes everything from artist books, zines, self-published and indie published photobooks, to trade editions.

The Best Books of 2010 extended

Get Off My Lawn by Geoffrey Ellis, Noah Beil, Grant Ernhart, Alan W George, Liz Kuball, Sarah Lacy, Ian Lemmonds, Jennifer Loeber, Dalton Rooney, Andrew Martin Scott, Justin Visnesky (self-published by Geoffrey Ellis, 2010) *

Interior Relations by Ian van Coller (Doring Press/self-published, 2010) *

Kitintale by Yann Gross (self-published, 2010) *

10: 10 Years of in-public by Nick Turpin, David Gibson, Richard Bram, Matt Stuart, Andy Morley-Hall, Trent Parke, Narelle Autio, Jesse Marlow, Adrian Fisk, Nils Jorgensen, Melanie Einzig, Jeffrey Ladd, Amani Willett, Gus Powell, Christophe Agou, Otto Snoek, Blake Andrews, David Solomons, George Kelly, Paul Russell (Nick Turpin Publishing, 2010) *

Fragments, Volume 1 by John Steck Jr (Make Book Blog/self-published, 2010) *

NY low and high by Marco Onofri (self-published, 2010) *

Carry Me Ohio by Matt Eich (self-published, 2010)

Tell mum everything is ok – issue 3 – “A Postmodern World by many contributing photographers (Editions FP&CF, 2010) *

The Kaddu Wasswa Archive: A Visual Biography by Andrea Stultiens and Arthur C. Kisitu (post editions, 2010) *

Eastward Bound by Marco van Duyvendijk (self-published, 2010) *

See You Soon by Maxwell Anderson (Bemojake/self-published, 2010) * and its sequel Ten Days in July by Maxwell Anderson (Bemojake/self-published, 2010) *

Thrills & Chills by Isa Leshko (Exit 12 Press/self-published, 2010) *

Burn.01 by many contributing photographers, edited by David Alan Harvey, Anton Kusters, Anna-Maria Barry-Jester and Diego Orlando (David Alan Harvey, 2010) *

Lay Flat 02: Meta edited by Shane Lavalette and Guest Editor Michael Buehler-Rose with many contributing photographers (Lay Flat, 2010) *

Not Many Kingdoms Left by Jeff Luker (PogoBooks, 2010) *

Working the Line by David Taylor (Radius Books, 2010)

Zwelethu Mthethwa (Aperture, 2010)

Days with My Father by Phillip Toledano (Chronicle, 2010)

A Road Divided by Todd Hido (Nazraeli, 2010)

Hiroshi Sugimoto (Hatje Cantz, 2010)

Fault Lines: Turkey /East /West by George Georgiou (Schilt Publishing, 2010)

Books marked with an * can be found in the Indie Photobook Library. Click on the * to take you to the iPL catalog record for each book. If you cannot find a way to purchase books through the photographers’ websites or book sites, visit The first ten books listed above were part of Photo-Eye’s “Best Books of 2010″.


December 13th, 2010

Pleased to be a transatlantic friend of #PHONAR this semester; Jonathan Worth’s free and open undergraduate photography class live at Coventry University in the UK and online at Read more about it here. Lots of great nuggets of thought by guest contributors including Simon Roberts, Wayne Ford, Pete Brook, and Chris Floyd, plus podcasts from visiting speakers, and #phonar followers contributions.

Inspired by Wayne Ford’s suggestions of books on Photography and Narrative, Worth has compiled the FRIENDS OF PHONAR PHOTOBOOK LIST of “notable/ inspiring/ seminal/ provocative photobooks, in it’s narrative structure/approach or perhaps in it’s ‘discussion’ of narrative.” Books on the list were nominated by Alec Soth, Andy Adams, Cory Doctorow, Daniel Meadows, David Campbell, Edmund Clark, Fred Ritchin, Geoff Dyer, Gilles Peress, Grant Scott, Harry Hardie, Jeff Brouws, Joel Meyerowitz, John Edwin Mason, Jonathan Shaw, Jonathan Worth, Ken Schles, Larissa Leclair, Ludwig Haskins, Matt Johnston, Michael Hallett, Miki Johnson, Mikko Takkunen, Nathalie Belayche, Peter Dench, Pete Brook, Sean O’Hagan, Simon Roberts, Stephen Mayes, Steve Pyke, and Todd Hido. Check out the list. What a great way to end the semester.

My selections include Intensive Care by Andrea Stultiens (2010) and Thinner Air by John Mann (2010).

Continue on with Worth and his students next semester with “Picturing the Body” (#picbod) and the Photobook Club. I look forward to following along.

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